Lost in the Words.
Time stood still, and it shared with me all that had been, and all that was to come
-Rudolfo Anaya
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Call your mother. Tell her you love her. Remember you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside.


No matter how shitty things get, never let life kill your spark.

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We are The Muses. Goddesses of the Arts and proclaimers of heroes.

Calliope, Clio, Terpsichore, Melpomene, Thalia 

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Ferguson police now wearing cameras: How much might that help? →

Police in Ferguson, Mo., are now wearing body cameras, and reports suggest that interest in the technology among police departments nationwide has spiked since unrest swept the St. Louis suburb last month.

The shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer on Aug. 9, as well as the sometimes-violent protests that followed, raised deep questions about race and justice in America. Protesters point to a culture that they say devalues the lives of black youth, making white cops less hesitant to pull the trigger. Defenders of police officers say they do their best in threatening situations fraught with uncertainty. 

The lack of facts in the Ferguson case has so far offered few answers between these two views, leading to simmering distrust. The same dynamic has played out in the Trayvon Martin case, as well as many others, where use of lethal force against black youths has been justified as self-defense – but doubts have remained, especially among the black community.

The spike of police interest in wearable cameras, however, suggests Ferguson is prompting many police departments to take steps toward addressing this problem. The motives are not yet clear and are likely varied: Are the cameras seen primarily as a public-relations effort to deflect growing public pressure or as an honest effort to address the trust gap that exists between police departments and aggrieved residents?

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Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.

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The axe forgets; the tree remembers.
Anonymous asked: how often do you have sex?



How often is your dad “working late”?

before you send someone an ugly message perhaps exfoliate your skin, set some life goals and contemplate why you’ve reached this point

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This is beautiful. And on the topic of sleepovers and kids getting stuck in uncomfortable situations: My mom and I had a code, ever since my first sleepover. I would always call home to say goodnight, and if I asked “How is the cat doing?”, it meant that I wasn’t comfortable and I wanted her to pick me up. I did use this code a few times, and whenever I did, my mom came up with the excuses for me. I was never stuck at a sleepover I didn’t want to be at - and as a child with anxiety and social phobia, this was a great system.

posts like these are the reason i love tumblr

Once, I was at a friend’s birthday party, and they began to play strip poker and 7 minutes in heaven and immature stuff like that. I am the biggest virgin that you’ve ever known, so I pretended like my phone was vibrating, punched in my mom’s speed dial, and when she answered, I said “Hey mom, whatcha need? *Pause* oh, okay. So I have to come home now? Yeah, sorry, I’ll clean my room right when I get there. *pause* ten minutes? Okay, that works. See ya.” and she understood exactly what I wanted, and she came and picked me up, and even scolded me in front of my friends for ‘not cleaning my room’. I’ve used this so many times, it isn’t funny. My mom is so understanding each time.

And now I must hug my mother and post 5 million mom appreciation posts.

(hugs this)

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If only our great thinkers could learn to talk, and our great talkers could learn to think.

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The Japanese say you have three faces.
The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family.
The third face, you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are.


Monica Martin is bae.

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